Turkey and Cheese Baked Rolls

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Italian "involtini" means literally rolls, and food can be prepared with vegetables, fish, meats, fruits and even as appetizers. Today, however, we leave you a simple, fast recipe and that hides an explosion of flavors in each bite. The star ingredients are turkey and cheese, one of the best duos in the kitchen.

What do you need?

3 turkey cutlets (reach 6 servings)

200 grams of cheese. You can choose from one cool white, like mozzarella and a creamy yellow or matured, like Gouda or Asiago.

30 grams of butter

Juice of one lemon

A bunch of herbs, made with parsley, rosemary and oregano.

1/3 cup white wine

Salt and pepper to taste

Step by Step

The secret of turkey rolls is in the thickness of the meat, which should be thin but not transparent, so that the filling does not spill. So with a kitchen mallet looks flattening the cutlets.

Then you cut them in half and deposítalas in a glass bowl. Add the lemon, salt, pepper and herbs. Refrigerate 30 to 45 minutes.

In a table, each extends Milan and in the center put some cheese. If you like, this is the point where adding another flavor. Olives, slices of ham or some sauteed onions.

Preheat oven to 175 °. While waiting to reach the temperature, fold each piece of turkey and cheese. Use a toothpick to determine the content and, finally, úntalas with butter.

Finally, pass them to a non-stick pan and sprinkle everything with white wine. Bake your turkey and cheese rolls for 20 minutes.

Serve with a green salad to balance the dish.

Turkey rolls and cheese, as well as light, are versatile and can taste hot or cold.


Source: TGC

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