Tips to plan a Beach Trip

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Suddenly the holidays arrive and the desire to go to the beach multiply. Dare to organize a trip to the beach with your friends for a great day in the sun, enjoying the waves

Quickly decide where and when. The idea is that being all fast go to a beach that is near the city. And if, for example, start talking trip on a Wednesday for Friday everything it must be confirmed to leave early Saturday.

Agree on the means of transport. If those who have cars are offered to lend terrific but reserve cash for tickets and search diligently for the fastest route and less crowded stops so as not to waste time.

Make the budget and establish what lead. They are always those offered to make appetizers, leading the cellars of his house, those who say they put cow for drinks. The idea is that we all spend little and enjoy the most.

Packaged light and only as needed. They will spend the day at the beach, they will not move city. So with a few changes of clothes, sunscreen, hat, towel, sunglasses, comfortable shoes ... In addition to their belongings such as documents, money and personal items.

Do not forget to bring enough water to stay hydrated.

Arrive early to the beach to pick the best place.

Remember to pack a ball or racket for fun.

Be cautious and load a first-aid kit.

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Best PlacesHumans have long held a complex relationship with the sun. It's driven our evolutionary and cultural progression on manifold occasions, it's been the inspiration for art and song, and it's become the driving force in emerging industry. Every now and again, we find ourselves answering the call, looking to the sky during the hours before dusk to find the perfect spot to bid our star farewell. It's fortunate that in the U.S. we have such diverse and incredible landscapes that serve as a backdrop to this duty. In fact, there are so many wonderful spots to watch the sunset that it's impossible to pick favorites. Regardless, here are a few contenders you might want to consider.

Here are the best places in the U.S. to watch the sunset:

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is among the world's most breathtaking landmarks. It's no wonder that watching the sunset above the massive chasm carved by the winding Colorado river would be any less spectacular. And, standing in the right spot, you can watch the light give way as the sun dips down into the canyon, and watch it disappear into the earth as if were swallowed up by the river.

2. Bar Harbor, Maine

A popular tourist destination on the island of Mount Desert, the town of Bar Harbor is a popular tourist spot and former summer home for many among the super wealthy. You can stand practically anywhere on the island and get a great view, but peering from Bar Harbor into Frenchman Bay will most certainly give you a tremendous view of the setting sun. For an even better view, consider taking a sunset whale watching tour and find yourself in the midst of a panorama like you've never seen before.

3. Orcas Island, Washington

Another island on the list that also has whaling tours and a breathtaking sunset. Named for a Mexican Viceroy who sent an expedition into the Pacific Northwest, Orcas Island is located off the northwest coast of Washington state in the San Juan Islands. You can watch the sun go down over the awkwardly named Massacre Bay from the Howe Art Sculpture Park and Gallery or Moran State Park.

4. Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

Mount Haleakala is a massive volcano that makes up over three quarters of the Hawaiian island of Maui. There's a 30,000-acre national park here for visitors to wander through and take in the scenery. But Mount Haleakala is also known for its mesmerizing sunsets. Here, you can watch the sun disappear beneath the mist-soaked volcanic landscape, taking in the beauty of the surrounding natural world.

5. Empire State Building, New York, NY

The sun never sets on the American Empire, but it does set in New York, the financial, artistic and trade capital of the U.S. From the lofty heights atop the building that's almost synonymous with the city itself, you can watch the sun beat down over the steel and stone landscape that modernity has carved for us.

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If this is the first time you go on vacation as a couple, it's good that you consider some recommendations:

Choose a destination that you both enjoy. The idea is that you both enjoy travel and adventure. If you do not like the destinations that your partner is proposing talks with him and reach an agreement. It is recommended that both go with all the energy and desire to have fun.

Be flexible. unexpected things will happen and how to deal with them can be an indicator of compatibility. Learn to handle these issues with good humor and a couple. Only in this way they can get ahead smoothly and without fights. Do not closures and do not try to do everything on your own, remember that it is your first trip with him and it is good to know if they can work together.

Simple itinerary. Stay away from the rigid schedules and leave time to take advantage of opportunities that arise at the time. While planning a trip is good, it is always advisable to leave room for spontaneous activities that you had in mind with your partner. The aim of the first vacation as a couple is to get to know each other better.

Talk about travel budget. Sometimes money issues can make the relationship was tense. If they are to go on vacation for the first time, talk about how much they spend and thinking how much money you have.

Do not judge until they finish the holidays. You'll learn a lot from your partner on the trip. Here you not only know their customs, you'll see how it unfolds in difficulties and situations. If you see that at first the trip does not look good, do not get discouraged. The safest thing is that as the days go past, both accommodate and get used to being together.

Do not be afraid to be away from your partner and do different things. If your partner does not like certain activities, not be afraid to be away from him and perform them. Remember you're on vacation and you should not deprive yourself to do something you like. Converses with him and have their own adventures.

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Turkey and Cheese Baked Rolls

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Italian "involtini" means literally rolls, and food can be prepared with vegetables, fish, meats, fruits and even as appetizers. Today, however, we leave you a simple, fast recipe and that hides an explosion of flavors in each bite. The star ingredients are turkey and cheese, one of the best duos in the kitchen.

What do you need?

3 turkey cutlets (reach 6 servings)

200 grams of cheese. You can choose from one cool white, like mozzarella and a creamy yellow or matured, like Gouda or Asiago.

30 grams of butter

Juice of one lemon

A bunch of herbs, made with parsley, rosemary and oregano.

1/3 cup white wine

Salt and pepper to taste

Step by Step

The secret of turkey rolls is in the thickness of the meat, which should be thin but not transparent, so that the filling does not spill. So with a kitchen mallet looks flattening the cutlets.

Then you cut them in half and deposítalas in a glass bowl. Add the lemon, salt, pepper and herbs. Refrigerate 30 to 45 minutes.

In a table, each extends Milan and in the center put some cheese. If you like, this is the point where adding another flavor. Olives, slices of ham or some sauteed onions.

Preheat oven to 175 °. While waiting to reach the temperature, fold each piece of turkey and cheese. Use a toothpick to determine the content and, finally, úntalas with butter.

Finally, pass them to a non-stick pan and sprinkle everything with white wine. Bake your turkey and cheese rolls for 20 minutes.

Serve with a green salad to balance the dish.

Turkey rolls and cheese, as well as light, are versatile and can taste hot or cold.


Source: TGC

“Modern Family” star Julie Bowen has joined New Line’s “Life of the Party” and will portray the enemy of Melissa McCarthy’s lead character.

New Line has given “Life of the Party” a prime summer release date of May 11, 2018. McCarthy will star while her husband Ben Falcone directs the film.

As with “The Boss,” McCarthy and Falcone wrote the script and are producing through their On the Way production company, along with Chris Henchy (“Daddy’s Home”). Details of the plot are being kept under wraps. The movie will be in the vein of the Rodney Dangerfield’s “Back to School.”

Production started last week in Atlanta. Cast members include Maya Rudolph, Gillian Jacobs, Debby Ryan, and “Animal Kingdom” star Molly Gordon.Bowen has won two Emmys for her work on the ABC series “Modern Family.” Her movie credits include Rob Lowe’s drama “Knife Fight” and New Line’s 2011 comedy “Horrible Bosses.”

Bowen is repped by Paradigm and Liberman Zerman Management.


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The twisted tale of Orange County school parents’ revenge that spun out of control is coming to the screen. A feature film based on the Kelli Peters case, which has Julia Roberts attached to star and produce, is currently being shopped, and there are multiple bidders.

The film will be based on the book, which victim Kelli Peters wrote with Sam Rule (a pseudonym for a New York Times writer), “’I’ll Get You!’ Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom.” There is no screenwriter on board yet. Word is that frequent Roberts collaborator George

Clooney and his Smoke House producing partner Grant Heslov are circling the project.
The book is described as the true story of an ordinary American woman who survived an evil conspiracy that turned her life upside down and shook her hometown to its core.

Kelli Peters was PTA president and volunteer at her daughter’ elementary school in Orange County, California. One day, another mom angrily accused her of keeping her son waiting during the afterschool pick-up. The confrontation led to the accuser and her husband, a power couple of attorneys, launching a campaign to ruin Peters’ life that included the demand for her dismissal from school volunteering, a lawsuit against her and ultimately her framing for drug possession by planing drugs in her car and reporting her to the police. Peters was arrested and investigated but the truth eventually came out and, after a five-year ordeal, Peters earlier tis year won $5.7 million-dollar civil judgment against the couple.

The book was published Sept. 2 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. The following day, there a feature about the case, Framed, in the LA Times by reporter Christopher Goffard.

The feature project is being shopped by CAA, which reps Roberts, Peters and the book. It is unclear yet whether the news article, repped by ICM Partners, will be used as source material.

Roberts has portrayed real-life women before, most famously activist Erin Brockovich, a role that earned her an Oscar.

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Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg Team With 'Silicon Valley' Writer for AI Comedy at FX'Singularity' has landed at the cable network with a pilot order after sparking a bidding war in May.

FX is going to the future with Preacher duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg as well as Silicon Valley's Sonny Lee.

Following a multiple-network bidding war, FX has handed out a pilot order to Singularity, a futuristic comedy written by Lee, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Based on an idea by Lee, the comedy is set in a future when artificial intelligence greatly surpasses human intelligence and resulting in profound changes to society. Because of its similar tone to Rogen and Goldberg's feature This Is The End, Lee reached out to the duo to come on board to produce via their Point Grey banner.

For Rogen and Goldberg, Singularity marks the duo's latest TV foray. It joins AMC's already renewed comic book adaptation Preacher as well as Hulu pilot Future Man.

For FX, meanwhile, Singularity joins a comedy pilot starring Cristin Milioti and Nina Pedrad as the cable network is poised to launch Pamela Adlon entry Better Things and Donald Glover vehicle Atlanta.

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